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Sunday, 10 November 2013


Customer is the most important asset for company which offered products or services to gain profit. Customer has different taste and experiences when they use the products. Service quality is a way to manage our business processes in order to ensure total satisfaction to the customer on all levels. It is an approach that leads to an increase of competitiveness, effectiveness and flexibility of the entire company.

Perceived service quality has been defined as a global judgment or attitude relating to the superiority of a service (Zeithaml & Bitner, 2000). Service quality and customer satisfaction are in arguably the two core concepts in marketing theory and practice (Spreng & Mackoy, 1996).

Customer satisfaction has become one of the most critical marketing priorities because it is generally assumed to be a significant determinant of repeat sales, positive word-of mouth, and customer loyalty. It has also been suggested that service quality has a direct effect on organization’s profits, since it is positively associated with customer’s retention and customer loyalty (Baker & Crompton, 2000; Zeithaml & Bitner, 2000).

According to Baggs & Kleiner (1996), accurate measurement of customer satisfaction is crucial. However, making the measurement effectively so that the result can be improving business operations is even more significant. Past research has suggested that satisfaction is an excellent predictor of repurchase intentions (Choi &Chu 2001; Petrick 2002; Tam, 2000).

That's  All for today and i hope everybody will understand what is Service Quality that can reflect to customers satisfaction. It will lead us as a service provider to gain many customer to make a purchase. So that service quality should be in the first ranking in our list to make sure our customer satisfied with all the service. 

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